Business Accounting Principles

Business Accounting Principles

Course Fee: R4,850.00

This short course will teach you how to process documents relating to goods and services supplied, as well as receive and record receipts.  You will understand the double-entry accounting system, and will learn how to input data into an appropriate accounting system, reconcile particular accounts and produce appropriate accounting reports for a company operating in South Africa.

Course content

The course covers the following outcomes:

  • Understand the general business and accounting environment
  • Process documents relating to goods and services supplied
  • Record receipts
  • Operate within the context of a double-entry accounting system in a particular organisation
  • Input data, including a budget, and keep accurate financial records
  • Balance a general ledger and produce a trial balance
  • Prepare and input journal entries
  • Reconcile various accounts
  • Produce or compile an income statement, a balance sheet and a cash flow statement
  • Prepare supporting analyses including those for debtors and creditors

Additional information


Once off full payment, 2 payments, 3 payments


4-6 months, depending on your own personal pace of study. You are welcome to complete this course in a shorter time period. You have a maximum of 6 months to complete this course.


IBM Certification

  • NQF Level 4
  • Accreditation: FASSET SETA
  • 2 Modules online learning
  • Various online quizzes, one assignment and one Workplace Activity.

Entry Requirements

  • This course is open to all and no restrictive admission requirements apply.
  • It is assumed that you are competent in
    • Communication at NQF Level 4, or equivalent.
    • Mathematical literacy at NQF Level 4, or equivalent.
    • Computer literacy at NQF Level 4, or equivalent.

Installment Payment Options

Study material can be accessed upon receipt of first or full payment.

2 Payments 3 Payments
R2 490 p/m R1 690 p/m

Note: Installment options incur finance fees.

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