Our Vision and Mission

Our Vision

To deliver quality, affordable education that is accessible to all.

Our mission

To make a difference by offering a valuable learning experience, providing excellent service, developing unique course content according to the needs of our students, and showing our learners that we truly care.

Our Accreditation

To ensure that institutions provide quality approved courses, we need to be registered with one or more Sector Education and Training Authorities (SETA). We are registered with the following SETA’s for our various accredited courses.

Our Academic Team

Our academic team is close to the heart of the business and as such they are all hand-picked individuals who share a passion for learning, developing skills and opening avenues for education and training.

All our academic staff are experts in their various fields, well qualified and have many years’ experience. They are also our friendly learner assistants that will be there to support and guide our learners through the study process.

Our History

The Institute of Business Management was established in 1973 after an appeal by government for an institution to come forward to do business management training for the smaller independent rural business community. The Institute of Business Management was established for this purpose and has since conducted many successful training seminars throughout the country.

The Institute introduced the Diploma in Business Management in 1995, which was one of the first training programmes to be submitted for accreditation to the HSRC voluntarily by a private business training institution in South Africa.

The Institute has kept up with the ever changing training and education industry and has overcome many new challenges with national impact as an official and accredited training provider of quality full qualifications, short courses and skills programmes. We are now an online and distance education provider of choice with a wide range of courses that aim to address critical skills shortages and enhance career opportunities.