IBM Membership is awarded at no cost when enrolling for any study course with the Institute of Business Management of Southern Africa (Pty) Ltd, herein referred to as the Institute of Business Management – IBM. Free membership of the Institute will be bestowed upon you and you will become an esteemed member on the following terms and conditions:

1. No membership fee is levied and no hidden costs for membership apply. I submit to the terms and conditions of membership and accept any rulings by the Board of Regents of the Institute also in terms of the Code of Ethics.
2. I understand that I become a member of the institute in my personal capacity irrespective of whether my employer or sponsor has paid for my course as membership of the institute is only awarded to a person.
3. Admission as an Institute member is upon invitation only and all rights are reserved. I understand that I have to be a member of the Institute to study Institute courses. I will duly respect the copyright of the course content on all lectures that may include, but is not limited to, interactive multimedia presentations, video lectures, audio lectures and study guides. In particular I undertake not to share my Institute lecture material or study guides with anybody.
4. I understand that the Institute may cancel my IBM membership in the event of misconduct financially and otherwise and for serious transgressions of the Institute Code of Ethics to which I subscribe.
5. By enrolling for a course I confirm that I have read and agreed to the terms and conditions of membership set out herein as well as subscribing to the Institute Code of Ethics.

1. I am aware that the onus is on me to determine beforehand if my employer will give me credit for my studies at the Institute and if the selected study course is appropriate to my work situation.
2. No refund for the cancellation of a study course is payable after the course material has been delivered, be it delivery by post, courier or digital download.
3. IBM SAQA registered SETA accredited courses are unit standard based credit bearing courses.
4. IBM provider courses are designed for the benefit of IBM members as self-improvement study courses to better their career opportunities and to provide knowledge and expertise required in business or the workplace.

5. All courses are presented as home study courses with tutoring assistance through e-mail or telephonically by the student support team.
6. The institute reserves the right to withhold further lectures, assessment results and the issuing of my course certificate should I fail to fulfill my financial obligations with the Institute.
7. I undertake that if any of my personal details as initially submitted on my course enrolment documentation change, including my email address, mobile phone number, banking details, contact details, postal address, name or surname, that I will notify the Institute of such changes without time delay.

The mission of the Institute is to provide quality distance training at an affordable rate open to all without restriction. The Institute will endeavour to be on the forefront of developing, accrediting and presenting the best training courses for promotion, better income or to find suitable positions of appointment.

IBM Code of Ethics
1. To maintain the highest form of integrity, honesty, fairness and transparency in all business dealings in a way that will enhance the reputation of free market business.
2. To strive for excellence in our professions or trades by maintaining the highest degree of contracting, workmanship and service by continuously enhancing and developing
skills and knowledge.
3. To encourage the skills development of all personnel, staff and co-workers through formal or informal courses and studies.
4. To fight and not to engage in any form of corruption be it with tender procedures, contracting or marketing.
5. To represent their membership in writing, speech and action in the spirit of excellence which is the IBM business philosophy that is expected of all members of the Institute.
6. To be objective and fair in the equal treatment of all clients and customers.
7. To be respectful and mindful of the dignity of every member of staff and to maintain fair and equitable treatment of all stakeholders and parties involved.