Cyber Security Management

Cyber Security Management


The Cyber Security course outlines the proper handling of data according to industry regulations. This enables organisations to assess and continuously measure their data privacy compliance, access, and protection measures.

This course serves as an introduction to the cyber security landscape, compliance requirements for accessing and storing of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) within the business environment. It will give students practical knowledge on how  to manage and secure private, sensitive data.

Who must do this course?

Persons or employees whose job involves processing, capturing, accessing, and storing of personal data are perfect candidates for this course. It will be of great benefit to managers, advisors, business owners, consumers, and business specialists who have access to their customer’s private information.

This short course is offered in partnership with the premier Cyber Security training company: Cyber Security Institute.

Course content

This course will cover the following learning areas:

  • Overview of Data Privacy
  • Cyber Security Landscape
  • Digital Safety – A Business Approach
  • Data Privacy Regulations (POPIA, PAIA, GDPR)
  • Managing Privacy
  • Data Privacy Management Controls, Tools and Services

Additional information


Once off full payment

Course layout

The is is an online course that consists of 6 modules, each followed by a quiz.


8-12 weeks

This is a guideline. You may complete the course in a shorter time period depending on your own pace of study. You have a maximum of 12 weeks to complete this course.

Entry Requirements

  • This course is open to all and no restrictive admission requirements apply.
  • It is recommended that you are competent in basic:
    • Communication at NQF level 4, or equivalent
    •  Mathematical Literacy at NQF Level 4, or equivalent

Course Fee

The course fee of R3 500 is payable as an once-off payment

Study Material

The study material is presented online on the student portal upon receipt of payment.

There are no prescribed textbooks for this course.

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